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We have opened the doors of the “You Can Create Association” (YCCA) for the submission of creative work and for volunteering with us. Our key concept for the YCCA is ‘Volunteering for a social cause’. From child to people of all ages are welcome to volunteer with us for the core objective of ALC Foundation. We want many of you to be the carriers of this Foundation. Young or adults from different parts of the world, from any country, of any age, with creative talents can stand beside the initiative for a social cause by being a member of YCCA. We need many volunteers for crafting and implementing our different self esteem building activities. Whether you are a child, adolescent or an adult, that doesn’t matter, and you all can take part in this initiative. We are designing interesting programmes for children, so that they can enjoy participating with us. Most of our programmes not only develops one’s own self but also serves the society for a social cause. The social cause that we have focused is the Education of Special needs children with inclusion concept. By being the member of YCCA you can promote ALC Foundation among your friends, relatives, in your organization, in your family and in your surroundings, or through Face book and other social networks. You can volunteer for a day to play with or to teach special needs children including some children with financial support needs. You can do illustration for different writings of our magazines, you can participate in our ALC Store programme or you can volunteer for distributing our magazines in your school or institution. You can collect sponsorship for the magazine and for different programmes of our foundation. There are many more initiatives we can do together.

This is a free membership just after completing the form. The YCCA members will be provided with an ID number, their portfolios will be published in our website, and they will receive up to date information about related programs, news and events of the foundation through mail. Members will get credit points for their contributions as YCCA members, and certificates will be awarded to those who have accumulated the sufficient number of points. All our collected funds, donations, sponsored assets, gifts, and any gains are given to the fund for special education needs children and for the education needs of underprivileged children. So involvement with any program of ALC Foundation is directly or indirectly an involvement with a social initiative for a social cause. That is why our certificates will also serve as recognition for the members as social workers.

The benefit of this programme is that you can volunteer with us by contributing your creative work regularly from your home. Or you can farther volunteer with us in field works.  We would also love to provide you a Volunteer Certificate from our Foundation, after you submit an essay on how you volunteered with us. If we think you are qualified to recognize as one of our volunteer, you will be provided with a Volunteer Certificate, which is obviously worth keeping with your other certificates. So, in order to receive the certificate, you have to regularly contribute creative and thoughtful work for our Foundation, most of which are used in our magazine ‘NOONTIDE/দুষ্টু দুপুর'. Or we can use your work for other related programmes also for helping the Foundation.

The byproducts of all our activities or programme and the generated resources as well as collected donations are sacrificed for Education of special needs children including some financial support needs children under inclusive learning environment.

We hope you will avail this opportunity and become an integral part of our efforts. Turn your creativity and silent love for others into energy to do some social work.

To register for YCCA, please fill up the attachedYCCA form in our periodical magazine ‘NOONTIDE/দুষ্টু দুপুর' and send it to our postal address:

ALC Foundation
Ground Floor,
House no – 06, Road no - 2A, 
Block – F, Banani,
Dhaka – 1213.

or you can also fill up the YCCA registration form below. 



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