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We dream for a world worthy of its children and youth. We aspire to create such a universe where they will love to live with their dreams and grow with their imagination. And it’s hard to work with such challenge alone. It takes the whole universe to make life for all children.  Every little initiative will combine to make this universe a beautiful place. So we need you with us.

How your contribution can help us

We work with creative work publication of all age group but our focus is children and youth because they are now sailing on a sea of potential.

We work for inspiring the education of Special needs Children.

We work for being a part of creating Inclusive learning and play environment.

We work for supporting Underprivileged children who are enrolled with us.

 We work for skill development of education givers for early learners and special needs learners.

 Any participation, donation, innovative support or the generated resources from our various programs, go to the above mentioned programs aiming to take part in a social responsibility field by inspiring children and youth to reinforce their positive development, building better self esteem and inspiring them to move forward exploring their strengths.

Let’s be together for a good initiative! You and Us can take part in making this world more able by discovering our young heart’s windows of opportunities. Let us help some in winning some challenges and disabilities.

Your support and donation can be inspiration for us to make this initiative a Tree on this earth. A tree that will be grown up by us today can continue stimulating many children and youth in many perspectives for year after year, even when we are not here.


How to support us:

By contributing creative work of children and youth in your network

By contributing motivating writing that helps the parents and learning providers to develop their skills in helping children to grow with their strengths and help building up self esteem

By giving various volunteer support

By supporting us with any innovative support ideas

By donating any amount to our fund


You can also be our partner

To be one year partner

Rhenium Partner:     $15.00 to $20.99

Silver Partner:           $30.00 to $50.99

Indium Partner:        $60.00 to $119.99

To be two year partner

Iridium Partner:        $120.00 to $239.99

Osmium Partner:      $240.00 to $479.99

Palladium Partner:   $480.00 to $959.99

To be five year partner

Platinum Partner:     $960.00 to $1249.99


To be life time partner

Gold Partner:            $1250.00 to $2499.99

Ruthenium Partner: $2500.00 to $4999.99

Rhodium Partner:     $5000.00 and above                                                  


How to Make Donation

Inside Bangladesh

Contact us in Mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AB Bank

Account Number: 4033-788641-000

Swift: ABBLBDDH, Banani Branch

bKash Number: +88-01847133300

ALC Foundation Office:

House: 06 (Ground Floor)

Road: 2/A, Block: F

Banani, Dhaka-1213

(Meeting time needs to be set on telephone or email)


International Donation


AB Bank

Account Number: 4033-788641-000

Swift: ABBLBDDH, Banani Branch

Please contact us via email prior you wire the money.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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